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The business world is filled with ideas for new ventures and innovations. But many of these new ideas never reach the next level because their developers lack the knowledge or skill set to put it all on paper - to develop a written strategic document explaining to others how exactly the new idea will grow and generate wealth.

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“I worked with Seth as a member of the Board of Directors for the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce. As VP he created the Government Affairs committee. He is very diligent and knowledgeable about business practices and government. He has tirelessly promoted Seal Beach businesses. Without a doubt he is a benefit to any organization. Bob Heenan”

Bob Heenan, Student, Fordham University - Graduate School of Business

“I chaired the committee to arrange the March 6, 2010 commissioning ceremony for USS DEWEY (DDG 105) in Seal Beach, CA. This ceremony was attended by 4500 people and there were several social events and community relations projects leading up to the commissioning. I worked closely with Seth in his position as President of the SB Chamber of Commerce. Much of our efforts focused on fundraising and community support and participation. In short, due to Seth's tremendous effort and enthusiasm, Chamber participation far exceeded expectations. He obtained numerous in-kind donations for the social events and coordinated with the Naval Weapons Station and the City. A total team player, Seth was keenly engaged in logistical considerations and carefully thought through every aspect of the Chamber's participation. Seth was an absolute pleasure to work with. If I ever have the opportunity to chair another such event, I want Seth on my team!”

Jon Kurtz, Captain, U.S. Navy

“Seth is a passionate, articulate and well-informed advocate for the Seal Beach business community who dedicates many hours of his time campaigning for city support of local businesses and ensuring the public is informed of new news out of the business community. He has been diligent in appealing to the City Council for Chamber-related issues including pushing for the distribution of a visitor map, seeking city help for businesses during tough economic times and requesting aesthetic improvements in Old Town and other shopping centers, among other projects. Seth has also been helpful in my coverage of various business-related issues with the city, helping to provide me with contact and background information for various stories which, as a reporter, is invaluable to my work.”

Jaimee Lynn Fletcher, Reporter, The Orange County Register

“From a public relations standpoint, there are three things we look for when working with a spokesman – thoroughness, timeliness and accuracy. Although these may sound like simple qualities, they are highly valued in our profession and not always easy to come by. Time and time again, Seth has displayed that he holds each of these values of utmost importance thereby helping me, and my associates, execute our jobs with accuracy.”

Kevin Gillhooley, Field Representative, California State Senate

“Seth is the driving force behind the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce. His energy, enthusiasm, and networking skills motivate people to work together to make the Chamber an effective organization that benefits the business community as well as the community at large.”

Marilee Bryant, Independent Consultant, Creative Memories

“Seth is an incredible business person with a true desire to help those around him succeed. I would absolutely recommend or refer Seth to any business person or owner seeking to maximize their profits, sustainability and effectiveness. Seth is a true asset to the community and the businesses that he consults with.”

Nat Ferguson, Expert Realtor, TNG Real Estate Consultants

“Seth's high level of energy, education, management skills and speaking abilities makes him an excellent Vice President at the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce. I also highly recommend his business consulting services through Black Marble Consulting - for these same skills can be used to assist other companies to run more efficiently.”

Steve Julien, Owner, Steve Julien Design

“Seth has for a number of years provided me with sound financial advice in both my credit score and tax returns. Recently, with my decision to form Yerger Technologies, he's also been a member of a Board of Advisors that I've formed to help me get off to a strong start, which we've certainly done. My first project is an iPhone app for a popular radio show on the Sirius Satellite Network, as well as one for local and national business!”

Ross Yerger - hired Seth as a Accountant in 2002, and hired Seth more than once

“Seth is an amazing person to work with who has many talents. Anything you want to accomplish, he can help with. He is engaging and highly motivating and motivated himself”

Natalie King - hired Seth as a Helping Innovators in 2008, and hired Seth more than once

“Seth has been instrumental in helping me to grow my business. He is a creative thinker and has presented and helped me to implement new avenues for generating clients. His vast knowledge of how to grow a small business is propelling my business to a new level. I highly recommend Seth and Black Marble Consulting!”

Leanne Crawford - hired Seth as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Seth more than once

“What an absolute pleasure Seth was to work with on the Los Angeles Navigaytour project. Bringing that contagious energy, excitement and vibrant personality of his to the table, Seth has a way of making each project personal, important, a priority and fun! He shares a wealth of knowledge, commitment and is steadfast and passionate in his mission to produce great results for his clients. Working with Seth was quite enjoyable and I would certainly encourage anyone looking to place their project in the best hands, to choose Seth!”

Demetria Clemons, Senior Account Executive, Weaver Multimedia Group

“I worked with Seth on a separate product that LA INC/Weaver Multimedia had contracted to publish. Seth was my point of contact and his insight and knowledge of the new market was invaluable. We went on sales calls together and attended networking events together and I always found him to be a true asset, a secret weapon as it were. Seth is a phenomenal consultant and sales person and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Best, Beverly Denice Sparks”

Beverly Sparks, Account Executive, LA INC, Weaver Multimedia Group

“I worked with Seth on the launch of a new LA-based travel magazine. Seth was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I learned a great deal at his helm. I admired his ability to manage and sell and handle both with equal tenacity. Seth was also a great motivator and was a tremendous asset during my sales efforts.”

Beverly Sparks, Account Executive, Weaver Multimedia Group

“There are so many words to describe Seth's outstanding work but if I had to choose three they would be passionate, committed and creative. I have known him from the start up of his company and seen him grow and flourish and seen the reactions of others who have had opportunity to have him work with them. He is a true small business entrepreneur with great future goals and a passionate philanthropist, working with charities in Philadelphia and the chamber of commerce in Seal Beach to better small business.”

Anthony Morgan - hired Seth as a Business Consultant in 2000, and hired Seth more than once

“Seth provides the enthusiasm and hard work that is required to get the job done. Under his leadership, membership in the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce has grown exponentially. Seth represents the business community well and is a vocal advocate for business interests in the City and to the City's legislative representatives.”

Kevin Gillhooley, Field Representative, California State Senate

“Seth's attention to detail and commitment to his projects is unlike any other. He has helped our business grow tremendously in the past year and continues to develop creative ideas for our continued growth.”

Barbara Bartee - Co Owner of Beach Fitness Personal Training, Seal Beach, CA

“Seth is direct, to the point and very helpful in getting to the solution. He is excellent at developing strategies that work! I think he is AWESOME. Seth would be a great addition to any project.”

Ann Premazon - hired Seth as a Business Consultant in 2007

“Seth is a delight to work with and his energy invigorates our business, staff, and clients. He is exceptionally talented, knowledgeable and has a high level understanding of our business and our market. Seth has worked consistently with our business since the start of 2007 and we have gained significant value and success. Thanks!”

Bryce Turner - Co Owner of Beach Fitness Personal Training, Seal Beach, CA

“Seth is an energetic and insightful member of the Seal Beach business community who is well respected for his civic activism. His hard work consistently produces change and positive results.”

David Carmany, City Manager, City of Seal Beach

“Seth is an unbelievably hard worker and extremely intelligent. Seth is an outstanding public speaker and communicator. Seth uses his diplomacy to motivate all thouse around him to work in the most efficient manner. He would be an asset to any group or organization.”

George Banker, Financial Advisor, Wachovia Securities

“I have worked with Seth on and off for the past 18 months. He has been one of the greatest asset to my business. Seth provides a source of knowledge and energy that I often need and do not have enough of. I gladly recommend Seth as he has been a good sounding board, a business consultant and most of all a good friend.”

Tarit Tanjasiri - The Crema Cafe, Seal Beach

“Seth was very helpful in getting the marketing department off the ground for my business. Seth implemented many key tools, still used today, to further better success within my company.”

Richard Branch - hired Seth as a Restoration Service in 2007

“Seth has a lot of energy and is very knowledgeable about marketing and how to increase sales. If you give him a task to do he will follow through and keep on a schedule. Our marketing person learned a lot from him."

Patricia Eskenazi

“I am a new business owner in the holistic wellness field that is notorious for it's owners being great with helping others learn how to be healthy, but struggle with having a healthy business. After an expansion that I wasn't prepared for, I found that this was becoming the case with me. Seth has been a Godsend for me. He helped me move through a stressful, overwhelming period in my business and helped me get me focused and organized. Seth helped me see both the "big picture" and the little details, which are both integral parts of owning a successful business. I feel Seth is a healer for businesses! He helps move you through a stuck, slow or confusing time and helps get your business off the ground and running! I am extremely thankful for Seth's contribution to my business in financial matters, marketing, and bookkeeping. He has a genuine, caring nature and his enthusiasm and belief in his clients is so motivating and inspiring. I highly recommend Seth if you want a healthy, thriving, successful business!”

Lauralyn Harter

“Seth shows up on time, fully prepared and ready to get it done. He's especially good at motivating people from either leadership or peer postions. Very good at the financial, advertising and marketing side of business and his presentation/planning skills are top-notch. You couldn't ask for a better resource to expand or start your business.”

Dave Dutton

“Seth Eaker is the go to guy for busy professionals who need expert business consulting at a reasonable cost. After initial consultation and agreement Seth took the ideas we discussed, created a time line and produced deliverables within budget and on schedule. He was always available to answer questions and highly motivated to accommodate whatever needs I had. I highly recommend Black Marble Consulting.

Erik Dreyer-Goldman - Ask Erik

“Seth is an extremely energetic, enthusiastic player. He is easy to work with and provides services tirelessly. The outcome is always above expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse his services and him individually.

Dave Jefferys

“Seth reviewed sixteen business plans and presentations of same for my classes at The Wharton School. He did a great and thorough job and has a comprehensive view both analytical and practical.”

Lawrence Gelburd - was with another company when working with Seth at Black Marble Consulting

“In the year-plus that Seth and I were business partners, I found him to be one of the truly outstanding personalities I have ever encountered. He is passionately committed to helping clients achieve their goals, and it showed in every project we worked on together. And his record of success speaks for itself. I would recommend Seth to any entrepreneur seeking guidance.”

Josh Slatko, Owner, Black Marble Consulting

“Recently, I contacted Seth about becoming a mentor and advisor on a business plan I was developing. Without hesitation, he offered his time, thoughts and experiences. We would not of been successful without his help. He is extremely creative, intelligent and very easy to work with.”

Tom Watchko